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  • Rigorous Supply Chain Management

    We believe that only a complete workflow is an effective means to ensure quality.

    Rigorous Supply Chain Management

    Both self-operated and cooperative suppliers must comply with our manufacturing and quality control standards ; Strict selection of suppliers: only 1 out of 6 applications passed partner recruiting process; Upstream and downstream coverage: strict control the source of materials, and qualified surface treatments.

    Professional Technical Review

    Our engineering team performs a technical assessment on your parts design before production. We feedback customer on material, surface finish, structure, process, and other details of your 3D and 2D drawings so to minimize pitfalls.

    Well Monitored Production Process

    Your parts are processed in strict accordance with the standard process flow; Mass production after prototyping is only carried out after passing FAI report; IPQC is carried out during the production process to ensure that each process is correct.

    All Parts Fully Inspected

    Our dedicated QC team follow strict quality control protocols to inspect all parts before shipping. A few types of test reports can be provided if required.

    Quality Inspection Equipment

    Zeiss Coordinate Measuring Machine

    Zeiss Coordinate Measuring

    Hexagon 2.5-dimensional tester

    Hexagon 2.5-Dimensional

    Mitutoyo roughness tester

    Roughness Tester



    Rockwell hardness tester

    Rockwell Hardness Tester

    Salt spray tester

    Salt Spray Tester

    QC Report

    Multiple QC Reports are Available on Your Demand.

    Standard QC Card

    Material Report

    Dimensional Check Report

    First Article Inspection Report

    Hardness Test Report

    Salt Spray Test Report

    CMM Inspection Report

    Self-Defined: Provide on Your Demand

    Quality System Certification

    ISO9001:2015 certification
    ISO14001:2015 certification

    What Our Customers Say

    It was an amazing experience to work with SogaWorks people. They are very professional caring and kept up smooth communication over our outsourced parts production. We will continue partner with their service for future projects.
    Engineer, ABB
    We have lots of projects for small quantity parts. SogaWorks has always treated our requests fairly. What is more, they provided us valuable technical feedbacks. We really appreciate their genuine desire to help.
    Postdoctoral Scholar, Stanford University
    SogaWorks demonstrates professionalism. They enabled our purchasing process at ease. We don't have to juggle around managing various suppliers. You save the day. Great job!
    Colleen Chan
    Purchasing Specialist, Panasonic China
    We would like to express our thanks for your down to earth support for rush orders. Requirements were rigid and delivery days were tight. However all orders were perfectly delivered. This is team can take challenge jobs.
    Project Manager, HP

    Money-Back Guarantee For Any Defects

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